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                           How could you make your tasks?

                            Here are the instructions, just follow them!


1.     A “food groups” table

     Individual work

1.Go to this internet-address:

2.Go to My Pyramid for Kids Poster (PDF of Advanced Side) and there you will understand which the main food groups are.

3.For more detailed information about the main food groups you need to go to the blue menu on the left and then click on “Inside the Pyramid”.

3. If you fill in your age and gender you can get detailed personal information in the same blue menu, but when you click on “My Pyramid Plan”.

4. For the main task you can make a table yourself or use the ready work sheet “My Pyramid for Kids Colouring Page”



2.     A “Dangerous food” table

Individual work

Choose a partner. You will go and read the article at this internet address: and your partner will read the article at this one:

When there is an unfamiliar word that makes you lose the general meaning of the sentence, you can check the word in this on-line dictionary:

(A tip for the table you have to make: eating too many sweets could damage your teeth.)



3.     Discussion

Team work

In the last 10 minutes of the lessons you and your partner have to exchange your knowledge about “dangerous food” using the articles you have read. Show your partner the table you have made.



4.     A healthy suggestion

Group work

  Firstly, go to this internet address:

You have 10 minutes for the game, but you have also to answer the bonus questions.

Then go to this one:

There you will find “My Pyramid Blast Off Game”. You have 10 minutes for this game, too.

Then you have to form a group, to choose one of the topics: “breakfast”, “lunch”, “snacks”, “dinner”, activities”. One person from the group has to write down the suggestions. You could look for some visual materials to make your suggestion look better, because in the next lesson you have to present it.




5.     Discussion

With the whole class

Every group presents their suggestion.

You have to explain your choice! You can use the information you have read and the tables you have made.



6.     A daily menu

With the whole class

You have to “join” your ideas. You can do it on a poster, Power Point Presentation or whatever you like! Use your imagination and creativity!