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What is a Web Quest?
The inventor of the Web Quest is Bernie Dodge. He defined his new learning method as an inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all of the information that learners interact with comes from recourses on the Internet. In other words, it is a didactic concept within which explorative activities with the Internet are planned by the teacher and he/she transforms from a teacher into a guider of the learning process. The aim is the autonomous acquisition and presentation of knowledge.

A good Web Quest has the following structure:

Introduction it aims to motivate the pupils about the topic in a visually interesting and thrilling way.
Task explanation what they have to do in every lesson.
Process detailed step-by-step instructions how to do their tasks.
Recourses all internet addresses used in the Web Quest.
Evaluation pupils use it for self-evaluation and then the teacher evaluates them using the same evaluation criteria.
Conclusion concludes the result of the successfully finished work. What pupils know now and how they could use taht knowledge in their lives.
Teacher's Page information about the teacher who has designed the Web Quest and about the Web Quest itself.

What skills does a pupil need to develop in order to work with a Web Quest?
Working on a particular Web Quest means that a pupil has to:

follow strictly their teachers instructions
work with particular internet addresses
find particular information
work on this information with a partner
find the answers on particular questions by themselves or in a team
make a final project (in a group)