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Ways of making education more interesting for children

Fact № 1 We all know that children like playing.

Fact № 2 We also know that they like studying interesting things and, moreover, they like using the knowledge they have gained. Or in other words, children like active learning.

Why, then, most of the students eventually lose their interest in school? Because, we teachers, eventually forget these two facts.

Knowledge for the real life Nobody likes studying something that is useless. Children are not an exception. It does not matter whether you are a teacher in Maths, English or Computer Skills you should motivate your pupils that they are studying something very important for their lives and also you have to show them how exactly they could use the new knowledge.

Children and school nowadays Children nowadays communicate less and less with each other. Most of them spare their time in front of the computers surfing in the Internet. Undoubtedly, there is a lot of useful information there. Children nowadays are much more informed on different topics then ever. Sometimes, pupils even know more on particular topics than their teachers. Is it possible to make pupils interested in school then? Yes, teachers can make pupils interested in school by using interesting and useful topics shown in an amusing way. One possible method that fulfills these acquirements is the Web Quest.