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October 2006
Meeting with Prof. Jean-Pol Martin.
First steps to the project video announcement of my interests and exchanging ideas in the forum.
My final decision is to work on the topic Ways of making education more interesting to children and more specifically on the method Web Quests.
November 2006
The exchange of ideas with Bulgarian and German students continues not only in the forum, but mostly through e-mails. I start my work on my wiki page.
December 2006
My first Web Quest is ready and I have it in the Internet. I discuss my ideas with Prof Mirtschewa and with my tutor Dobromir.
January 2006
I work on the details of My Web Quest. I continue my work on my wiki page.
February 2006
I make a Questionnaire as a part of the Web Quest adding 9 optional and 1 open question.
March 2006
I introduce my Web Quests to students.
After getting the results I make my web site and finalize my project.
April 2006
I make a presentation of my project.